PWE-V2 This workbook accompanies the online course, College Writing 2.2x, Principles of Written English, the second of a series of three courses offered by College Writing Programs of the University of California, Berkeley through You do not need to have taken the first course to benefit from this second one.

This workbook offers additional ways to practice writing, editing, and reviewing the materials for the online course. The workbook includes writing prompts, vocabulary lists, and editing and grammar exercises (with suggested answers).

If you would like to purchase this workbook and are not taking the course, you may still find use for the materials. However, it should be noted that the course is offered free of charge, so you are welcome to join the live course. Information on how to do so and the website address are noted in the workbook’s introduction.


This workbook was written specifically for this course. It contains excerpts of the course material as well as extra writing materials. It is being provided for a low price of $2.99 US, by Wayzgoose Press.



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