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Month: September 2013

More on “50 Ways to Teach Them Writing”

Writing ought to be the easiest of the four skills for students of English as a Second or Foreign Language. Unlike listening and reading, the students control all the words. Unlike speaking, the students can go back, check their work, revise it, and resubmit it. It should then follow that writing would be one of the most popular courses to teach. Yet teachers never say, “I can’t wait till I get tenure, so I can teach some of those composition classes of 35 students.”

However, writing classes also offer the opportunity to see growth, to share important ideas, and to develop a sense of community. The tips in Fifty Ways Ways to Teach Them Writing are chosen with that goal in mind — to make it easier for students to succeed at becoming better writers, and for instructors to enjoy the teaching of writing.

This book is divided into three categories, which represent the stages of process writing:

a) Pre-writing and planning
b) Writing topics and strategies
c) Editing and revising

The Fifty Ways to Teach  series gives you a variety of drills, games, techniques, methods, and ideas to help your students master English. Most of the ideas can be used for both beginning and advanced classes. Many require little to no preparation or special materials. The ideas can be used with any textbook, or without a textbook at all. These short, practical guides aim to make your teaching life easier, and your students’ lives more rewarding and successful.

See more about the series at Wayzgoose Press.

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